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    • Online shopping has come a long way in the past decade! Sparked by the success of the HSN & QVC, Amazon essentially took over this paradigm. Smaller boutique online shops have cropped up, each trying to carve a unique niche in the online marketplace. Our version is simple. Shop on our website, and our profits go to Main Street, not Wall Street! Our stores support The Android Foundation's Happy Always 4 Kids, Live Theater Improv, a not for profit, charitable organization since September 8, 1994. Feel free to sponsor an iAndroid Program, or affiliated charity using our panel below. We use Pay Pal secure network for bank routing. Please note Pay Pal may charges 2.9% + .33 cents per transactions according to their policy. The "Add a dollar" is an option, and goes directly to iBella which is a program of the Android Foundation, and can be included in your deduction.
    • iBella.us is owned and operated by the Android Foundation. It is part our our Intern two Mentor Program. Our interns learn web development, design and back end administration. We are looking for Vendors to come on board to keep our interns busy. The skills they learn on iBella and our other e-commerce sites helps them deliver the goods when hired by corporate America. Our interns participate in Scholarship 360, and earn with System 14 as the progress in the program. Our goal is for every intern to be a mentor after completion o three 89 day phases. Your donations to an iAndroid sponsored program is worth more to us than meets the eye. It enable us to provide our global interns with periodic grants through our P3 Food Bank Program. "No one should go to bed hungry." We need volunteers as well. Twenty minutes per day is all it takes to mentor one of our interns via text and one weekly zoom or FaceTime. Give what you can afford, but a gift of time we value equally.
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    • Rosie Rumba, Admin.