Our Refund Policy

Online Return Policy

iBella.us is owned and operated my MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc. Products sold by our corporation, are designated with one of our official logos, or otherwise identified. Digital files are not refundable. They are replaceable. CDs are not refundable. They are replaceable. For all other products on iBella.us, please read the individual Vendor's Return Policy.

Return of Merchandise Purchased Online

System 14 is a closed Vendor Network. Each Vendor is required to publish their own Return Policy. 

Exchange of Merchandise Purchased Online

This information will be provided to iBella.us by each individual Vendor as they come on board. 


MOG TOG VOG, E.G. Inc., who shall be referred to heretofore, as "System 14" is responsible for the iBella.us network which includes iggyice.us: Administration and security. All Vendors are handpicked, and vetted by Iggy Ice Publicity. A valid Driver's License is required. A Passport may be required to identify certain corporations doing business overseas. System 14 'Vendor Network' is broken down to individual companies. Each individual Vendor Company assumes 100% liability for it's own business.  

Refund Policy from Iggy Ice Publicity with regards to digital files owned by the artist iAndroid: Lifetime "replacement" for loss of your digital file, or files. Music 4 Life is the official policy of iAndroid, who publishes his songs immediately after composing them. Music 4 Life: iAndroid's Buy It Once Policy means: when iAndroid (edits or rereleases that song in the future, or adds a guest Artist to the track you can request your free copy). Just visit: Iggy Ice Contact page and ask for your update. We'll send it via email, along with our current promotions. This is an exclusive policy for this artist. Others in the future ascribing to our Music 4 Life policy will bear a designation iAuA which means they are part of our Artist Code, are on our calendar and are using out ticket sales gateway for their live shows.

iAndroid CDs, and memorabilia return policy - if damaged only, contact Iggy Ice Publicity for a shipping label for replacement. No refunds. 

Other Network Affiliated artists: Iggy Ice Publicity will "replace" any lost digital files, as long as that artist is maintaining a relationship with our organization, and is on our server.