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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Starement is owned by MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc. known heretofore as "System 14", a Network of Vendor Associates. Each Vendor is handpicked, vetted, and personally known to our Board of Directors. 

Collection of Information

Email addresses are shared within System 14 only! We do not share social network address, phone numbers, residences, or any other personal information of our subscribers. 

Use of Information

Within System 14 only!


Policy not established yet. 

Website security

The Best! Info coming soon.

  • Subscribers opt out anytime.
  • contact page for all inquiries.

Terms And Condition

Our Terms And Conditions

Introduction is owned and operated by MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc., known heretofore as "System 14". We are a closed Vendor Network with emphasis on the Arts & Humanities. System 14 supports The Android Foundation, established September 8, 1994. 

Intellectual Property Rights

All Rights owned by MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc.


Just a few:

  •  We only deal with Original Artist and manufactures of fine products (all kinds).
  •  No resellers.
  •  Only Registered Corporations, companies, LLCs, PCs, and other business with address on file with the Attorney General in the state they are doing business in, or similar in foreign countries.
  •  All Vendor's must meet the minimum age required by their state, or country.
  •  Distributors require a separate agreement.

  • Public: You join. You buy. We donate! You agree? Great!

Your Content

System 14 owns all of the content on, and or assigns the right to publish on our website to it's Vendors. System 14, does not own the Vendors' content.

No warranties

System 14 makes no warranties on any products or services it does not fully own, or perform. 

Limitation of liability

System 14 is liable for it's own activities. Each Vendor Associate is required to assure, warranty, and or guarantee, and  assume liability for their own business. 


System 14 is held harmless for Vendor activity. 


Public: Join for free. Request to be removed from our data base at anytime. We have a separate propriety, non-public, policy unique for each of our Vendors, based on the nature of their business activity.

Variation of Terms

From time to time, we will included additional Vendors, which may require a Variation of Terms. 


Not posted yet.

Entire Agreement

Public; Yes. Vendors; No. (See Severability)

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The State Of New York. 

  • Owned and operated by: MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc.
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  • All Rights Reserved System 14