07 May 2021

"ATRAPA" - Words of Metal Wisdom

This is an Atrapa Q&A with Maciej, founding member of this heavy m

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01 Mar 2021

The Puppy Rides Again

Here are two more short tales in the life of Puppy McDonut of Odessa,

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16 Feb 2021

Profit & Loss In Public Office

If and then statements are logical blocks within programming that tell

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10 Feb 2021

Adventures of Puppy and Coyote

Howdy y'all. Misha McDonut here. Today we travel further into the adve

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04 Feb 2021

The Forest Years of R&R (50-75)

The Forest Years Of R&R (50-75)Feb 4 2021Okay. Let’s try this a di

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03 Feb 2021

Gene Siskel Reviews "All The Queen's Men"

"An instrumental and visual experience for all ages..." Gene Siskel -

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