Coyote’s Roots - by Rock Modo

Here is another episode in the long running cartoon saga of the Kiev McDonut family, by our friend Modo. Take a few minutes to enjoy Puppy's next adventure. Be safe.. Iggy Ice. 

Coyote’s Roots

Puppy and Coyote have just returned from their safari in deepest Africa. Puppy is content with their adventure, but Coyote is not satisfied. She is still anxious to find her ancestors. She is sure now that she is really an elephant, but how to be certain before she grows up? Meanwhile, they are so hungry from their day and thirsty too. Oh my it was hot!

This all began when the two were searching for forgotten snacks and Puppy stepped on the remote and learned to operate the television. They had begun watching far too much Discovery Channel and hence their quest for enlightenment. “But Coyote,” says Puppy. “We are just two little dogs and our supper is almost ready. What a fine day it has been.” Annie has noticed of course. She knows her children well. “Goodness. You two are starving. What an adventure!” Their bowls are heaped with rice and kibble and sprinkled with a little Coyote Fried Chicken from the busy Snoop Donuts Café. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuumy! “This is heaven,” barks Puppy. “Thank you Mommy. A perfect ending to a great expedition.” 

The two little pups eagerly scarf their delicious meal, but Coyote is still anxious. “I must find my ancestors and take my rightful place as their Queen. This is my destiny. I have still not found my roots.” “Come children,” says Misha. “I will light a nice fire and we can watch the Discovery Channel.” “Yippee! Yipee!” say the Choonie-Moonies and the two special Kittens.” “Oh no,” thinks Puppy. “My friend Coyote will never let this go now.” And sure enough, not even popcorn and a cozy fire will calm her down. She paces restlessly through the house until she finally circles her little bed exactly four times and lays down to try and still her unrest. “Poor Coyote,” sighs Puppy. “Pass the popcorn please.” Coyote spends her night in troubled sleep. She dreams of stampeding with the elephants, running wild across the plains of Africa. She raises her head to trumpet, but all that happens is, “Arooooooh! Aroooooooh! Goodness. When will my trunk grow so that I can be a proper elephant? I am so confused.” Poor Coyote. What are her roots? “Even my wonderful supper did not lift my spirit.” 

In the morning, she has her next brilliant idea. “Puppy, Puppy. Wake up old friend. I have a plan. I am still troubled that I have not found my roots. I will journey to Chernobyl and ask the wolves. I will escape after breakfast. You must help me dear friend.” “Oh boy,” sighs Puppy. “Fine Coyote. Let us escape…….again. Annie will think we are such scoundrels.” “No no, Puppy. You must stay and cover for me.” “If you say so Coyote. I will try and guard your dish. I will tell Annie that you have only gone for a pee.” “Excellent Puppy. I will use my allowance and take the bus. Then I will hitchhike in the reserve.” “Fine Coyote. We are partners. The perfect team. You can count on me.” “Now Puppy. Here is what we must do.”

“We must whine so that we are left in the back yard. Then I will scramble up the back fence and you can nose me over as you did before. Such a clever one you are Puppy.” Of course it works perfectly. “You will have a fine day in the sunshine little ones. Here dears. Your water bowls are full.” When Annie leaves, the co-conspirators begin stalking the evil fence. “Ha, you monster. We will conquer you again. We are the great Puppy and Coyote McDonut. Nothing can stop us. Aroooooooh!” she takes a wild run and scritch, scratch scramble, her front paws are over the fence. “Push me Puppy. I am almost free.” Poor Puppy. “This is a bad idea old friend.” “Push me Puppy. I must find the connection to my past.” “Bark, bark, bark,” says Puppy. To the chair, to the barbecue and pop goes Coyote. She lands in a big pile of leaves and jumps up sputtering. She shakes wildly, but leaves stick everywhere. Such a funny one. “We are a team Puppy. Cover for me. Do not worry. The wolves of Chernobyl are our friends. We had such fun when we first met.” “Be careful Coyote,” sighs Puppy. “I will guard your dish until you return.” And off she trots to the road out of Kiev. She waits impatiently for the bus, dancing side to side in her anxiety to fulfill her quest. When the bus stops the driver exclaims, ”Coyote. What a sight you are. Let me clean you up. Such an entertainer!” They journey out of the city in to the heart of the countryside. “Bark, bark, bark. Here,” says Coyote. “Goodness Coyote. Are you sure? This is a dark place.” But she is off, trotting down the road to her destiny. “Oh well. She is a clever one,” thinks the driver. “But where is Puppy McDonut?”
Now she must hitchhike. Coyote walks ahead waiting for vehicles. There is very sparse traffic inside the forbidden zone. Then a motorcycle stops. “Who are you Puppy and why do you walk here? This is dangerous territory. Come. Get on the back.” Coyote is not so sure. She is dressed top to bottom in black leather with a blacked out face shield. Is she the Grim Reaper? Ah well. I must carry on with my quest. Always onward! Later, Coyote points out a little side trail where they had met the wolves of Chernobyl. She explains about the lovely meadow and brook. “I am on this perilous journey to search for my ancestors.” “All right pup. Good fortune little one. I will look for you when I return and perhaps give you a ride back to the city.” Coyote climbs to the grassy hill. “Arooooooooh! Arooooooooh! Where are my friends?” Soon the pack arrives at her call. “Hoorah! Our mischievous friend. You look troubled Coyote. What is it?” “I have been to Africa seeking my ancestors. I believe that I am an elephant and not a wild dog. But I must grow a great deal. What is the story of your beginnings?” “Goodness, silly Coyote. Let us tell you of our roots for I know that we are similar.”

“We are all dogs at heart. We have been roaming this land for tens of thousands, perhaps millions of years. As this earth has changed, so have we, because we are great survivors. We have spread across this land as the cycles have allowed and even during the time of the Great Ice and the endless cold, we remembered our roots and our purpose and we waited until the days were warm again, as we knew that they would be. We have all come from the love of our same Great Mother and because of her we honor our family. If we are true to her spirit we will hunt well and not go hungry. And when we are injured, we will heal. As we are family in this pack, so are the McDonuts your family and strength in this hard world. We must always support and nurture our family and bond in togetherness. Tell me. Who is your dearest, closest friend, Coyote?” “Why it is Puppy of course. We are a team. Us against the world. He covers for me even now and protects my bowl.” “Exactly Coyote! And never forget you are also our sister and a child of the Great Wolf who begat us all. Do not trouble yourself about your place in this grand scheme. In this struggle, all dogs are one. And you are part of this my mischievous little cousin and will forever be. Such an entertainer you are! Come dear. Let us run and play. The day is fine and we are strong and we are together. Aroooooooo! Arooooooooh!”  
My how Coyote gallops and cavorts across the meadows and deep forest with her savage friends, just as dogs have done through the millennia. A strange and wonderful sense of peace fills Coyote’s heart. “This is who I am. I love my elephant friends. Though we shared the same adventure, they are only my cousins in the wild kingdom and not my ancestors.” “Arooooooooh! Arooooooooh, howls the pack as they delight in their freedom. Back in the meadow, they lay by the bank lapping cool clean water, content with their place in the grand scheme. “You see Coyote. This is our purpose. We accept our past and look to each day knowing our way forward.” “Thank you so much dearest friends. Now I know it is true what you say. What a day this has been. But I am so hungry. I must get back to our McDonut house. Perhaps Annie will have fried chicken again?” “Arooooooooh! Arooooooooh! Arooooooooh!” All the dogs join in the tribute to the Great Mother and all Mothers everywhere.
And sure enough, there is the sound of a powerful motorcycle and here is the vision in black. “Travel well Coyote. Come back soon.” And off they jet with Coyote on the back to the wild howls of her wolf brethren. “My doubts are behind me. And Puppy has guarded my dish. What a good friend he is.” Indeed Puppy has been vigilant. No bird or squirrel has dared approach. Coyote guides the Reaper to the McDonut house. “Thank you so much for the grand ride. The air is so marvelous on this wondrous machine.” “Anytime pup. Goodness you are a brave one.” Coyote sneaks around to the back fence. “Puppy, Puppy. I am back. I know my place in the world. How will I get back in?” “Dig at the leave pile Coyote. Mommy and Daddy will not notice our little hole.” “Brilliant Puppy! What a team we are. Arooooooooh!” “Shhhhhh Coyote. We must fool Annie and Misha.” They dig from either side and soon Coyote can squeeze through. “There is my dish. Thank you Puppy. Surely it must be supper time?” And sure enough Annie comes from the kitchen and fills two heaping bowls. “Here children. Eat outside in the sunshine. You have been so quiet all day. What good dogs you are. But Coyote. Look at you. You are just covered in leaves and dirt. What have you been rolling in? Ah well. Enjoy your supper rascals. We will go for a nice walk later.” The End. 

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