The Puppy Rides Again

Here are two more short tales in the life of Puppy McDonut of Odessa, Ukraine. It has been a quiet winter with the lockdown, but the Puppy has stayed very busy watering his favorite trees in Shevchenko Park and terrorizing the gulls by the seashore. It is important that our little prince stays in shape because it is his responsibility come springtime to discipline the squirrels in this park. 

                                                               Moon Dog Stowaway

The Choonie-Moonies have just returned from a teleport to the moon, where they interceded with their patron, Goddess Luna, to save the harvest and the flour supply that is the base for the World’s Greatest Doughnut. After their visit with Luna, the Choonies rushed to the teleport, needing to pee very badly. They did not notice a little stowaway. A little celebration is on at the McDonut house. The Snoop family were so worried with the disappearance of the teleport and their brave little heroes aboard. There is a lovely reunion and snacks of course, at their return. The family is so happy to be back together. After lunch, they hear a strange snuffling and whining from the teleport. Oh no. What could it be? Ghosts, Bigfoot, Space Monsters? Misha opens the door and calls, ”Who is it? Show yourself.” Everyone stands back. Out comes a little Moon Puppy. Two big pale eyes with four little red ones on his forehead. Goodness, what is this? The Choonies were in such a hurry to pee that they did not notice the curious little stowaway. The poor thing is trembling, lonely, hungry and afraid. “Quickly. Please bring snacks for this strange little puppy.” Everyone stands around cooing and comforting, except Puppy McDonut. He is worrying. “Oh no. This one is here to replace me!” He is suddenly so sad. Puppy shuffles away and curls up in his little comfy bed. “Oh please. What will I do? I love my little home. I love my little bed. I love my brothers and sisters. Mommy will forget all about me.” A little tear comes to his eye. Poor Puppy McDonut.

       The McDonuts are fascinated. The wee Moon Dog gulps his snack and then begins to run around the living room on his awkward little legs. At each new object, he jumps back in wonder, barks three times and then sniffs wildly. “What are these strange wonders?” He looks so funny with his spiky blue hair, his skinny little legs and his four extra red eyes. The McDonuts are crying with laughter. Poor Puppy hears this kafuffle in his little bed and thinks, ”I am doomed. Homeless and alone. This is terrible. What shall I do?”

      In all the fuss over this marvelous new dog, no one has noticed that Puppy is missing. It is Coyote who sees first that her special friend is gone. “Where is Puppy? He is missing this fun. He must be at his dish. I will go and get him.” But no. “Where is that rascal?” Coyote has very sensitive ears because she is a great hunter and mischief maker. She hears a sad little whimper from the bedroom. “Puppy? In your bed? You are missing so much fun. What is it?” “Oh Coyote. Poor me! They have a new dog. What am I to do? What will become of me? Speak up for me, old friend. I am so worried.” “What Puppy? You are acting so strangely. No, no. Come and join the fun.” But Puppy just shuffles in his bed and puts his head under his paws. “No thank you Coyote. You are a good friend. At least you will stand up for me.”

     Coyote just snorts and goes back to the family. The Moon Dog is so funny. Coyote begins to coyote howl until Annie says , ”no dear. We do not need the police again. He is such a curious little sweetheart. But he must go back to his Mommy. We will let him sleep for the night, but then Choonies, he must go back to the Moon.” “Yes Annie. We will take him to Luna’s castle. She will know what to do.”

     Everyone had a fine family evening, except for Puppy, who finally drops into a troubled sleep. When it is time for bed, Annie and Misha decide that Moon Dog will sleep in their room so he is not alone. They make a little nest for him, but he does not lie down. Instead he walks over to Puppy’s corner and crawls into the little space between Puppy’s legs. He closes his 6 eyes and immediately falls fast asleep. “Goodness he is exhausted from his day,” Annie says. “Oh look. How cute. Puppy is a Godfather now. So nice that these two are instant friends. We must have a picture.”

     Puppy does not notice. He is deep in his troubled dreams. He will not be chasing butterflies tonight. Everyone has a long sleep after the excitement. Puppy wakes first, dreading his expulsion from the only home he has known. But wait. What is this? There is something in my bed. “The little thief. He can’t even wait for me to leave. What a scoundrel!” But Moon Dog just snuggles closer and reaches his head up and licks Puppy’s nose. “Thank you for such a comfy sleep. My you are such a good dog, Puppy McDonut.” Annie and Misha are watching this. “Oh, how cute. Look what good friends they already are. It is a shame this little dog must go back to the moon. They would have such fun together.” Puppy is confused. “What? Fun together. This Moon Puppy is going home. I am not expelled?  Or are they sending me to the Moon? I must think on this.” The two little dogs yawn and are instantly asleep. “Let them rest,” says Annie. “We will make breakfast for the children. After, we can send this little scallywag on his way home.”

     Meanwhile, Puppy is having a nightmare. Annie wakes these two when breakfast is ready and he looks around sadly at his bedroom. “Come Puppy. I have a special treat for your breakfast.” He shuffles to his dish and thinks, “pepperoni pizza. My very favorite. At least they are not throwing me into the street hungry.” He eats as if it is his last meal. “My goodness Puppy. How hungry you are. Come to the living room. Everyone is there.” “Oh no. This is it. The end of my happiness. I will not like being a stray dog. Please keep me Mommy.” He comes to the living room. The little Moon Dog runs up between his legs, yipping softly and rubbing against his little belly. “This traitor is not making it easy. Poor Puppy.”

     Suddenly, from the Choonies room, come 3 little aliens in spacesuits. “Bark, bark, bark,” says Puppy. “Aliens. Where are they taking me? I am so afraid.” “Easy Puppy. It is us, the Choonies in our little spacesuits. We must take this vagabond back to his own planet.” “Don’t worry Puppy,” says Annie. “Your new little friend will be fine. His Mother is on the Moon. She will be so worried. What a cute picture of you two sleeping in your little bed. You two will meet again my McDonut.”

     “What, what, what? They are not taking me away? I am not being cruelly replaced? Yippee! I cannot believe my change in fortune.” He begins barking like crazy and wildly spinning in circles. “Puppy, my dear Puppy,” says Annie. “Whatever is it? You have not been yourself this last day.” She picks him up and says, “Here darling. Sit with your Mommy and let your pizza settle. Then we will take you and Coyote for a nice walk. Now say goodbye to your new friend.”

     Puppy suddenly has the warmest feeling in his tummy. The Choonies and Moon Dog close the teleport and with a mighty whoosh, they are off into the Cosmos. “What wonder has happened? Mommy is hugging me. She still loves me. I am not being evicted.” At last Puppy realizes that he will always have a place in the McDonut family. “How pleased I am. And pizza for breakfast. They do love me.” The End.

                                                                           Puppy Sees God


Annie and Misha are often up early to make donuts for Snoop McDonuts, so sometimes the Uncles babysit the rascal children. The Choonie-Moonies have taken Pink and Yellow Kitten to work to entertain the customers while they purchase their delicious treats. The Uncles are in the back yard in their comfy chairs. Puppy is napping beside them. It is a lovely day. Puppy enjoys the Uncles having so much fun laughing and slapping each other’s backs. The Uncles decide to walk to the store for snacks. Puppy stirs and he thinks, “I am so thirsty and Uncle #2’s glass is full. This will quench my thirst. Aaaargh! It tastes so terrible! But the Uncles like it so much. Let me try this again. ” Oh oh. Puppy is feeling strange. He has another drink. Pheeew! Nasty! Oh no. Puppy is staggering and dizzy. “I must run and run,” thinks Puppy. Off he goes frantically. But he is bouncing off of everything in the yard. Poor Puppy whines and flops down beside the Uncles’ chairs. He puts his paws over his eyes. It is so bright this morning! “Goodness. I am poisoned. The Uncles will know what to do.” But Puppy cannot stay awake and falls into a deep sleep. When the Uncles return with snacks, Puppy is sprawled out with legs churning and head twitching. “What is with Puppy? Such a sleep! He is dreaming of running with the bulls, or perhaps having nightmares.”

Puppy is indeed far gone. He is running through flowers in a green, green field and chasing butterflies. Oh how wonderful! Puppy runs and jumps and barks across the meadow as the butterflies flutter around. The Uncles laugh so hard as Puppy’s little legs churn and his tongue hangs out, because he is still fast asleep on his side, of course. What a funny puppy! Ahead he sees something. Goodness! It is a giant dog as big as a house, surrounded by so many frolicking puppies. “Oh my. I am seeing God. Please God. I am just a little pup and I am so happy at home. Please God. Please send me back.” God laughs. Oh silly Puppy. You are not dead! You are drunk. You were taking hooch from the Uncle’s glass. Enjoy your time here. You will wake up soon at the place where you came from.

Puppy runs in the field seemingly forever with his new puppy friends. But soon the fields begin to fade, the butterflies have flown and Puppy is back. He snaps awake barking madly like he has seen the devil himself. The Uncles are startled. “Goodness Puppy. What a dream you had, you silly one.” Poor Puppy. His head hurts, his mouth is dry, his tummy rumbles and the sun is so bright. He reaches over to lap some drink from the Uncle’s glass. “No, no Puppy. This is hooch. It is not for little dogs! Ha ha ha. That is why my glass was half empty when we returned. Such a rascal! Puppy is hung over Dmitri. And I thought that you were such a good dog, Puppy McDonut. Lay down. I will get you a bowl of milk.” Uncle returns and Puppy wildly slurps it down. The Uncles laugh and slap each other’s backs. “What scoundrels you children are!” Puppy closes his eyes and drifts back to sleep. “But Uncles. I saw God!” The End.

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