Gene Siskel Reviews "All The Queen's Men"

"An instrumental and visual experience for all ages..." Gene Siskel - Rosie Rumba: Hey, Gene, what are you doing here? Gene: I came for the review. Rosie: Any chance you can get off my lap and sit on that nice empty chair over there? Gene: If you insist. Rosie: I just changed out of my fatigues. I'd like be wrinkle free for a few hours if that's okay with you. Gene: This chair will do fine. We'll just wait for Roger. Rosie: Oh. Is he on his way? Gene: No. We'll just wait. Rosie: Hmm. Will he be long? Gene: It doesn't matter. I have all the time in the world. Rosie: Ice? Are you going to enter the conversation anytime soon? Iggy Ice: Right. Hey Gene, I think Roger did a top notch job with his review of Nemesis. Rosie: Woo! Where did he go? Ice: I texted him the link to the review. He never read it. Rosie: How did you know that? He was dead already. Rosie: Oh?

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